How to Save Money – Broke Edition

Everyone has seen the articles (or TV shows) full of “helpful tips” on how to save money. There are some out there that list helpful things, for sure, but then there are the ones that try to be “edgy” and “hard hitting.” The ones I’ve seen often say things like: Stop buying expensive cups of coffee every day Stop eating out every day Don’t get … Continue reading How to Save Money – Broke Edition

Annnnnd… We’re Back!

The royal we. You know. There’s only me here, me and my delusions of grandieur. My last post was March 17th. It is now juuuust about May 31st, and that means I didn’t bother with this blog which I pay good money for, for at least… *counts on fingers* two months and some more time. Hi, party people! Reading… people! Whoever you are. Greetings of … Continue reading Annnnnd… We’re Back!

Extroverted? Here’s How To Be More Quiet & Reflective

Not a fan of alone time or not being the center of attention? Do you recharge best when you’re partying like it’s 1999? Would you classify yourself as loud, good at talking, and someone who prefers to dive into a social setting before observing it? Hey there, extrovert. First, let us just acknowledge: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with how you’re naturally wired. Still, whether you see … Continue reading Extroverted? Here’s How To Be More Quiet & Reflective

Sad Trombone. Womp Womp.

Greetings, fellow humans. For any of you who may actually follow my blog, I’d like to announce that I’m currently finished with my month-long depression nap. Depression pit. Depression Anxiety Pit™ that I sometimes slither into. I have currently about 15 unfinished posts. All so dreary and serious. I would get an opinion in my head and start to write about it and perhaps a … Continue reading Sad Trombone. Womp Womp.


Lists are fun. Today, okay not quite, there are juuuust under 3 hours left, so tomorrow, but today in Australia anyway, but I digress – I’m 38 years old. I didn’t get a trophy. Oh well. Since I had so much fun with -20- I decided to roll there again. Maybe eventually I’ll get every single/double digit number somehow, or maybe everyone will just get … Continue reading -38-

Today’s Special – Good Advice & True Facts!*

*Note that all advice and “facts” listed here are literally nonsense and the writer will only take credit for any laughter that occurs as a result of viewing these. Nothing else. PS – All stock images come from, which is a fantastic site that I heart, because they hand out stock images for free as if they just have so many they’re falling out … Continue reading Today’s Special – Good Advice & True Facts!*