Lists are fun. Today, okay not quite, there are juuuust under 3 hours left, so tomorrow, but today in Australia anyway, but I digress – I’m 38 years old. I didn’t get a trophy. Oh well. Since I had so much fun with -20- I decided to roll there again. Maybe eventually I’ll get every single/double digit number somehow, or maybe everyone will just get … Continue reading -38-

My Imperfect Mother

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. Her 59th birthday, to be exact. Not a “special” year, but can’t every year be special? So for the day where we celebrate ma mère existence, I have a few words to say. They’re not all pretty, but they’re all true – and I hope they will mean something to her. I find that in relationships, in interactions, so much … Continue reading My Imperfect Mother

The Trouble with Sleep

Today, I’m 4 years old. It’s summer, the sky is blue, the clouds are fluffy, the sun is shining. We live in a small town in southern Ontario, about an hour-and-a-half’s drive slightly south-west of Toronto. It’s the mid-80’s, and we all know our neighbours, and so, as happened from time to time, my mother asked me to walk to the grocery store to buy … Continue reading The Trouble with Sleep