Be Nice

Aside from the most basic skills, one of the first things I think children are taught is “be nice.” It starts out meaning the same thing whether you’re a girl or a boy. “Be nice” means, “don’t hit.” It means “don’t bite.” Or “don’t steal that toy.” “Please don’t scream.” In the beginning, it simply means treating other people decently, because of course children don’t … Continue reading Be Nice


I was raised on the notion that honesty is, above all else, the ultimate virtue. For many years, if anyone had asked me what I admire most in a person, I would have said “honesty.” When I began reading etiquette columns, the Queen of which is Miss Manners, I was so completely dumbfounded by her constant advice to lie. To be honest, I still am. … Continue reading Authenticity

How to Host a Party like a Less-Introverted Introvert

If you, like me, hate people, but by some sort of cosmic joke paradoxically also like some people, then I’d like to share with you some amazing tips, tricks and items I have realized and/or discovered over the years. So, look. The truth is that we introverts don’t hate people. That’s what I, and several other people, possibly even some articles, have been trying to … Continue reading How to Host a Party like a Less-Introverted Introvert