Down, Down, Down The Rabbit Hole

Lewis Carroll brought us the phrase “down the rabbit hole,” introducing the term in 1865 in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In the story, the phrase was literal – she actually, physically fell down a rabbit hole, landing in Wonderland. In this context, falling down the rabbit hole was about stumbling upon a surreal, strange and absurd place. Many believe that this was meant to be … Continue reading Down, Down, Down The Rabbit Hole

How Can I Have White Privilege When I’m Disadvantaged? Here’s How:

With all the outrage, all the hurt, all the fear coming from the black community, with the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement comes the issue of white privilege. And with the issue of white privilege, comes the masses of white folks who feel attacked or blamed because they misunderstand the fundamental jist of the phrase. Full disclosure: I was seriously irate about the term “white … Continue reading How Can I Have White Privilege When I’m Disadvantaged? Here’s How:

Functionality and Chronic Illness

This (thankfully, nearly ending) winter has been one of the hardest I’ve ever had. I talked about it some here, but, new developments. Aside from the actual pain, fatigue, foggy brain et. al. that comes with my particular brand of chronic illness (and exacerbating issues), the most difficult and frustrating thing for me has been a steadily decrease of my own functionality. Growing up in … Continue reading Functionality and Chronic Illness

Addendum: Canada’s Whitewashing…

There are a few things that have come up in response to my previous post about indigenous issues, and rather than do massive edits of my original post, I’m just going to add this lil addendum. Number 1: I feel like she must’ve strained a few muscles reaching so far. I mean, it’s not even a good spin attempt. Plus, she followed the Trump Rule … Continue reading Addendum: Canada’s Whitewashing…

LNG and Pipelines and Bands, Oh My!

In northeastern British Columbia, right near the Alberta border, is a place called Dawson Creek that I know nothing about, except that my brother (who, unfortunately for him I suppose, lived there a number of years) insists that it’s a boring shit-hole. To the west about an hour’s drive is Chetwynd, a town that I know nothing about at all. On the map, smack in … Continue reading LNG and Pipelines and Bands, Oh My!

Extroverted? Here’s How To Be More Quiet & Reflective

Not a fan of alone time or not being the center of attention? Do you recharge best when you’re partying like it’s 1999? Would you classify yourself as loud, good at talking, and someone who prefers to dive into a social setting before observing it? Hey there, extrovert. First, let us just acknowledge: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with how you’re naturally wired. Still, whether you see … Continue reading Extroverted? Here’s How To Be More Quiet & Reflective

Lights! Music! Christmas!

I said in my last post that I love Christmas because it staves off my horrible seasonal depression. 100% true. A lot of people seem to look at me funny for the level to which I adore Christmas, from music to decorating to choosing gifts. It seems like a lot of adults feel this is childish, I feel like that’s unfortunate, because to me, it’s … Continue reading Lights! Music! Christmas!