This blog is essentially a reincarnation of my old blog – and I’ll leave it up as an archive for the foreseeable future. If you’d like to view any of my previous ramblings, they can be found in their entirety here.

I considered tweaking or “remixing” some of these posts, but many of them are very relevant to the time they were written, so I’ve decided not to. However, I will individually link some of my most recent posts, just ’cause. Consider this an introduction, of sorts!

March 3, 2019: The Utter Horseshit About Rape

February 19, 2019: MeAsLeS iSn’T eVeN dAnGeRoUs – And Other Ridiculousness of 2019

November 12, 2018: Family & Sonder

November 6 – 2018: Brain File Dump

November 5 & 11, 2018 (2-Part):
Some Love for Bo-Rap
Some Love for Bo-Rap – And Beyond

November 7, 2018: How to Save Money – Broke Edition