Sad Trombone. Womp Womp.

Greetings, fellow humans. For any of you who may actually follow my blog, I’d like to announce that I’m currently finished with my month-long depression nap. Depression pit. Depression Anxiety Pit™ that I sometimes slither into.

I have currently about 15 unfinished posts. All so dreary and serious. I would get an opinion in my head and start to write about it and perhaps a couple paragraphs in I’d say to myself:


And my brain would go:

Not my actual brain. Skilled artist rendering of my brain, or a brain like mine.

Womp womp womp womp.

Sad trombone.

I guess maybe I’ve just been too serious. In other news, if you want less serious, check out my facebook page cause it’s full of memes. It’s here. Or here. Also here. If you want to click a serious looking facebook button to get there, use this one:

Image result for facebook icon
Yep, this goes to the same place too.

Life has been weird, for many reasons or no reason at all, who knows? I haven’t quite felt myself. Maybe it’s winter, maybe it’s medication, maybe it’s stress aftershocks, maybe I’m just getting old and blah. Some changes are being made, which means that I get to be my normal… er… regular weird self at present.

In this months edition of maybe money can buy me happiness, I have made some ridiculous purchases which have indeed bought me some happiness. I found two large Squishmallows at Costco, one is a unicorn (ahem, actually, I’ve discovered it’s a llamacorn) and one is a dragon. Pillow sized! If you do not know what a Squishmallow is, allow me to enlighten you. They are super squishy feckin’ plush toys. They are shaped like lumps. They are bright colours with cute round eyes and Hello Kitty-esque faces. Mine both have shiny wings. THEY HAVE NAMES! The llamacorn is named Lucy-May, the dragon is named Tatiana. Nevermind. I’ll just show you.

Also Christmas lights, decorations, new kitchen knives and exactly one new cookie cutter.

Christmas is coming! I love Christmas, on account of how it keeps my seasonal depression at bay until January. This winter’s SAD is a problem for future me to deal with. Present me is ecstatic about the twinkling lights and decorating and shopping and baking, just gimme that instant gratification and serotonin! Wooooo! Present me doesn’t want to think about the crash in January, so she won’t. Uhm, I won’t. Talking about yourself in the third person is weird, even for me.

My American friends are all talking about the wrongly timed Thanksgiving this week, because I’m Canadian and therefore I know that Thanksgiving is in October, gawd. I feel like it could be worth dual citizenship if I could get both Thanksgiving’s off of work though, so who says I can’t make long-term goals? …actually nobody said that. But I can, is my point.

I live in Northern Canada and we still don’t have snow, at the end of November. It’s wild. So for anyone further south suffering from snow, just know that I’m gloating. Don’t hate me because I’m warm and dry, just remember that it’s also dark by 4 PM up here and you can pity me for that still.

So yeah, hey, it’s great to be back, and hopefully I can actually keep my shit together well enough to keep on this like I intended. *long sweeping bow*

Happy November.

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