Lights! Music! Christmas!

I said in my last post that I love Christmas because it staves off my horrible seasonal depression. 100% true. A lot of people seem to look at me funny for the level to which I adore Christmas, from music to decorating to choosing gifts. It seems like a lot of adults feel this is childish, I feel like that’s unfortunate, because to me, it’s … Continue reading Lights! Music! Christmas!

My Version of a Parenting Manual, Episode 1

The advice you want or need or maybe don’t, whatever, it’s cool. Storytime: The very first love-o-my-life was born in September of 2003. When I was a kid, I loved my mom, I loved my siblings, I loved my friends – I thought I knew what love was. And I did, I knew what love for my family was, what platonic love was. When I … Continue reading My Version of a Parenting Manual, Episode 1