Be Nice

Aside from the most basic skills, one of the first things I think children are taught is “be nice.” It starts out meaning the same thing whether you’re a girl or a boy. “Be nice” means, “don’t hit.” It means “don’t bite.” Or “don’t steal that toy.” “Please don’t scream.” In the beginning, it simply means treating other people decently, because of course children don’t … Continue reading Be Nice

Let’s Talk About Meds

I am fairly certain that every single person I know who has to take medication to live a halfway normal life has these complaints, and I feel that it’s worth drawing some attention to. There are a couple different angles I’m coming at this from, so bear with me. ONE: With the whole “I’m smarter than a doctor” internet community, comes things like this: So, … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Meds

Lights! Music! Christmas!

I said in my last post that I love Christmas because it staves off my horrible seasonal depression. 100% true. A lot of people seem to look at me funny for the level to which I adore Christmas, from music to decorating to choosing gifts. It seems like a lot of adults feel this is childish, I feel like that’s unfortunate, because to me, it’s … Continue reading Lights! Music! Christmas!


Yesterday, I saw for the first time, a post on social media about the Amazon Rainforest fires. It was competing for attention with some crap to do with Sony and Spiderman and Disney. You know. The important stuff. Once social media picked it up, it was everywhere – and kudos to the power of social media, by the way. NASA notes that they can see … Continue reading Danger! FIRE! DO SOMETHING.

What -Insert Illness- Looks Like

I’ve got a number of thoughts here that I’ve talked about at various times, and they all sort of tie together so here it is. I came across this image a couple times today on Facebook, so I imagine it’s going a bit viral. “This is what depression looks like.” But, no. This is what depression CAN look like. To me, wording matters. Others will … Continue reading What -Insert Illness- Looks Like