A Different Kind of Grief

Memories light the corners of my mindMisty water-colored memories of the way we were… Barbara Streisand – The Way We Were Funny story – the song I just quoted, I have never heard Barbara Streisand sing it. I heard it when I watched Big when I was a kid, and I watched that movie a lot because I loved it. Hell, I even linked it … Continue reading A Different Kind of Grief

Dear Diary – Just, Meh…

So, I’m diagnosed bipolar with generalized anxiety and PTSD. The psychologist I saw a couple times actually calls it “Complex Trauma” rather than PTSD, since apparently prolonged and multiple childhood traumas are different but same-ish but different. Being concise is not my strength, but I’ll try. I had a hellish childhood, full of divorce, abuse, poverty, extreme bullying, neglect. I grew up fast, really fast, … Continue reading Dear Diary – Just, Meh…

Healing Broken Minds

There’s this quote I see floating around the internet from time to time, and it goes like this: Emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. Worse! You can heal broken bones; you can’t heal a broken mind. Dia Reeves, Bleeding Violet It’s always rubbed me a little bit wrong. I see now that I’ve had to dig it up that it actually comes … Continue reading Healing Broken Minds

May I Have Your Attention Please?

When I first began blogging back in, I don’t know, 2010 I want to say? I didn’t really know why I was doing it. It seemed like something a lot of people were doing at the time, Facebook hadn’t really boomed yet into the sort of ubiquitous, all-encompassing presence it is today, yet. We were still couple years off the back end of Myspace, forums, … Continue reading May I Have Your Attention Please?