Stop asking me ‘what about men?’ 

Everyone who follows my blog knows that my best work is written in rage, or port. But Christmas has gone now so no more port.? Well, at least I still have rage. So back to that.? Recently I have been getting increasingly frustrated with ‘whataboutery’ every single time I write or speak about women or girls.? For those of you who don’t know what that… Continue reading Stop asking me ‘what about men?’ 

Sad Trombone. Womp Womp.

Greetings, fellow humans. For any of you who may actually follow my blog, I’d like to announce that I’m currently finished with my month-long depression nap. Depression pit. Depression Anxiety Pit™ that I sometimes slither into. I have currently about 15 unfinished posts. All so dreary and serious. I would get an opinion in my head and start to write about it and perhaps a … Continue reading Sad Trombone. Womp Womp.


I was raised on the notion that honesty is, above all else, the ultimate virtue. For many years, if anyone had asked me what I admire most in a person, I would have said “honesty.” When I began reading etiquette columns, the Queen of which is Miss Manners, I was so completely dumbfounded by her constant advice to lie. To be honest, I still am. … Continue reading Authenticity