Don’t Be A Tourist

tour·ist/ˈto͝orəst/ noun1. a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure.“the pyramids have drawn tourists to Egypt” Storytime! When my oldest son was perhaps a tad younger than 3 years old, something happened. A switch flipped. My sweet, happy, and charming boy turned into a raging nightmare. Terrible twos, right? Or is it threes? That was what I thought until it got worse. And … Continue reading Don’t Be A Tourist

Be a Voter, BE A VOTER.

Ohhh Canada. Canada-ians. OH CANADIANS. Federal election day is looming, October 21, 2019. If today is the 10th, then that’s… *counts on fingers* …only eleven days away. Be an informed voter. Give a shit. About what’s going on in our country, what’s going to effect all of us, who we are choosing to lead us for the next 4 years. What direction do you want … Continue reading Be a Voter, BE A VOTER.

Lookin’ Good for 152 Years Old, Happy Birthday Canada!

Tomorrow is Canada Day, 2019. Most people understand the American’s Independence Day, 4th of July holiday. Less understand Canada Day. I find myself often saying, “It’s Canada’s July 4th, except it’s July 1…” which is mostly true. Americans celebrate their declaration of independence from Britain, while Canadians celebrate the joining together of several colonies to form a new country – Canada. On June 20, 1868, … Continue reading Lookin’ Good for 152 Years Old, Happy Birthday Canada!