Lists are fun. Today, okay not quite, there are juuuust under 3 hours left, so tomorrow, but today in Australia anyway, but I digress – I’m 38 years old. I didn’t get a trophy. Oh well. Since I had so much fun with -20- I decided to roll there again. Maybe eventually I’ll get every single/double digit number somehow, or maybe everyone will just get … Continue reading -38-

My Imperfect Mother

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. Her 59th birthday, to be exact. Not a “special” year, but can’t every year be special? So for the day where we celebrate ma mère existence, I have a few words to say. They’re not all pretty, but they’re all true – and I hope they will mean something to her. I find that in relationships, in interactions, so much … Continue reading My Imperfect Mother

Lookin’ Good for 152 Years Old, Happy Birthday Canada!

Tomorrow is Canada Day, 2019. Most people understand the American’s Independence Day, 4th of July holiday. Less understand Canada Day. I find myself often saying, “It’s Canada’s July 4th, except it’s July 1…” which is mostly true. Americans celebrate their declaration of independence from Britain, while Canadians celebrate the joining together of several colonies to form a new country – Canada. On June 20, 1868, … Continue reading Lookin’ Good for 152 Years Old, Happy Birthday Canada!